Paid Service Section Ad Posting

Craigslist Finally went to paid ads ($5/ad) in the service section as of March 2018. While this was highly anticipated, it was by far the best move that Craigslist could have done as it finally took out the garbage and cleaned things up for Service Section posting.

While most service sections have still remained competitive. There is no longer a need to post as many ads to remain competitively visual.

However, Craigslist posting limits per account remain in place which can and will effect your marketing effectiveness if you are trying to post ads manually or with software that doesn’t work.

Unlimited Service Section Ad Posting

With the Craigslist Dominator Fully Automated Posting Platform, there are NO LIMITATIONS to your ad posting in the services section. WHY? Because you are using our Posting Platform accounts!

Whether you need to post locally or Nationwide. Our Ad Posting system will allow you to post as many ads per day as needed and in any number of Cities you need to post in. In addition you will be able to create high quality Key worded search ads which can also reduce the overall number of ads needed no matter how competitive your market or industry is.

Craigslist Dominator can Post your ads in whatever service section you need!